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don't mess

with texas.

Texans are done with career politicians.

I'm from five generations of Texans.

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Texas has always been about big dreams. From oil fields to cattle ranches, people have always seen Texas as a land of opportunity and freedom. To this day, we see our state as unique and set apart – built on the virtues of courage and determination.

I’m running for Congress because I believe Texans are ready for a positive change – and not a change towards the obstructive and selfish brand of politics championed by our current Congressman.

I believe Texans want term limits on their leaders, and I believe that it’s time for Congressman Lloyd Doggett to meet his.

Texas is great in so many ways, but mostly what makes Texas great is Texans. We believe in God and Country. We love the simple things in life: faith, family, friends and our freedom. We are friendly and we drive friendly. We like family traditions and family values. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

You don’t have to be born here to be a Texan, but if you adopt our way of life, you will then truly and personally understand what hard work, determination and courage can create in your own life.

I want to see more of Texas in Washington, D.C. - not the other way around - and I'd be honored to win your vote, and your support, as we Take Back Texas.

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SK on the Issues

Americans have lost faith in the government's ability to work together to solve any problems at all - let alone the big ones. I'll always be ready to work with anyone to take on our country's greatest challenges.


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Learn More About the 35th District

The 35th Congressional District of Texas stretches from East Austin to San Antonio, through parts of San Marcos, New Braunfels, Kyle, Lockhart, and Schertz. Check out the map below to see if you're a part of my district. Either way, I'd be honored to have your support!